Data Driven Marketing: Its Meaning And Importance Involved

  • Sanjay Wandre, Chief Executive Officer, Lead Universe

  • July 1, 2017

Data driven marketing is basically a strategy for using customer-centric information for targeted and optimal media creative and buying messaging. It is defined as one of the most transformational changes in the field of digital advertising, which is now ravishing the market. The rise of marketing data is followed by explosive technical growth for creative automation and production.  There are certain ad-tech and mar-tech industries available, which are now enabling personalization for covering every aspect of marketing experience.



Benefits associated with this sector:

Before you proceed further and introduce your company to the world of Data driven marketing, it is time to learn a bit more about the marketing strategies benefits involved.

  • Target right consumers: The marketing messages and ad spends are well-optimized only for showing to appropriate targets for marketing campaign.
  • Efficient form of media buying: Data driven marketing is highly advanced in the programmatic buying sector. By leveraging algorithms and machine learning, marketers and some ad agencies are removing guesswork from media buying and planning.
  • Message with relevant messages: With the help of Data driven marketing, you get the chance to message audience with relevant information only. One-size fits all marketing tactics are long over now. Big brands have chances to work on their big marketing ideas. For majority of companies, this field of marketing messages is more granular to be relevant enough to resonate with clients and potential consumers.


Introduction of this mode:

The modernized version of Data driven marketing came into being with invention of CRM software. This content management facility helps marketers to track individual customers by working on their contact details and name. CRM helps in enabling direct mailing and giving rise to direct market campaigns. Multiple batches of customers are said to receive various forms of messages, which are primarily based on whether the segment is a proper fit or what customers are eyeing for more.

Helping out the customers:

Through this Data driven marketing, customers are now able to track not just with the help of owned media and emails but also with the help of paid media. Here, ads are running on a daily basis and this field is statedto be programmatic advertising. Multiple solutions have come into being for helping marketers in aggregating data in manageable condition and produce new insights for creative plans and targeting some new ventures. So, you cannot deny the importance of Data driven marketing, especially after going through these variations.