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Reasons To Avoid Email Spamming Campaigns And Points For Improvements

  • Ashwin Pillay, Activation & Direct Marketing Manager,  Lead Universe

  • August 16, 2017

Businesses are currently using email marketing and email campaigns as their effective advertising tool. Using proper email tips can easily enrich the value of your business and let it function well. But, you cannot say that for the Email Spamming campaigns. As understood from the name itself, spamming a single email campaign is enough to degrade the quality of your services to another extent. People have some misconceptions relating to Email Spamming campaigns. So, it is always important to get a note of those pros, before you proceed further and start using it.

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Learning About ORM And Its Importance In Business

  • Uday Desai, Media Sr. Executive, Lead Universe

  • August 12, 2017

Online reputation management is the ultimate way to attract clients towards your side. Always remember, you are not the only one working in your particular industry. The competition is tough and there are thousands, providing the same item or service as you do. So, staying at the top and attracting maximum clients towards your side can work wonder. Therefore, checking on ORM values is important. This helps in managing your online reputation and let it work as your strong point.

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MarTech: The Future Lies Within This Trend

  • Rohit Oza, Brand Growth Consultant, Lead Universe

  • August 9, 2017

It has been a long way since inception for marketing technology or MarTech. It has a landscape, which keeps on growing and with incredible form of dynamism. With the expanding landscape, there are so many technologies available at marketer’s disposal. That makes their jobs easier than before. Investing activity is one such space, which is exponentially growing with SaaS technology at its best. It is important to get along with insight for the shifts, along with highlighted points on ways in which players are maturing and integrating. You also have to learn about the changes, which are expected in following years.

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Video Content: Addressing Modern Marketing Needs At Its Best

  • Saju George, SEO, SEM, Affiliate & SMM Expert, Lead Universe

  • August 5, 2017

Marketing is the last static place to be. It keeps on changing with every passing day, thanks to so many new ideas cropping up on a daily basis. Well, looking for the best and rewarding help in content marketing is the only target among business owners. Those days are history when images and attractive write-ups were enough to attract your potential clients. People are always in love with visual exploration, and that gave rise to video content marketing. Adding a small and meaningful video right in the middle of content can work wonder for your business growth.

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The Crazy Data Train from Brand Station to Consumer Station

  • Rohit Oza, Brand Growth Consultant, Lead Universe

  • August 2, 2017

Technology, which was the domain of mostly tech geeks a decade back, has changed its role to becoming a way of life for most consumers. Today’s internet world provides much more than just information to the consumers. Smarter technology breeds a smarter consumer and if you do not understand your consumer quick you will lose him/her quicker than you know. Thankfully for marketers, most consumers today are leaving a trail of loads of information about their preferences and needs, whether it is through Search Behavior, Social Media or Mobile Apps. The most successful brands today are using data technology to be able to connect with them better.

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Achieving Your Company Goals Through Proper Data Driven Marketing

  • Ashwin Pillay, Activation & Direct Marketing Manager,  Lead Universe

  • July 16, 2017

Within a span of two years, 2/3 of the marketers are planning to base their maximum decisions on analytics. Even some of the leading marketers are using data for revolutionizing customer experience and work on fuel growth. Through proper data drive marketing, you get the chance to see customers clearly by harnessing analytics and data in effective and innovative manner. The reliable data marketing team works with business experts for developing tailor made plan for defining goals clearly and working on practical steps, used for achieving the same.

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Data Driven Marketing: Its Meaning And Importance Involved

  • Sanjay Wandre, Chief Executive Officer, Lead Universe

  • July 1, 2017

Data driven marketing is basically a strategy for using customer-centric information for targeted and optimal media creative and buying messaging. It is defined as one of the most transformational changes in the field of digital advertising, which is now ravishing the market. The rise of marketing data is followed by explosive technical growth for creative automation and production. There are certain ad-tech and mar-tech industries available, which are now enabling personalization for covering every aspect of marketing experience.

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Make Your Business Grow With Viral Marketing

  • Madhulika Basu, Brand Consultant Lead Universe

  • June 16, 2017

In this field of digital age, you have to work on multiple ways to spread your information to the world, about your business. It is rather best to attract maximum clients through digital mediums rather than working on the physical section. Viral advertising will be of great help, especially when you want to spread messages across digital era. And it is the duty of vital marketing to work on the process of spreading or tracking information about the brand or product, within a short span of time. Nowadays, people are inclining more towards social media. Therefore, there is an increasing hike of the vital marketing strategies now.

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Influencer Marketing Works Wonder For Your Business

  • Samriddha Banerjee, Brand Executive, Lead Universe

  • June 1, 2017

In an online marketing trend, you always look for higher return on investment. For establishing a business, you need to work on some investments. You might have invested thousands of money for starting up a business mode, but you expect more return in millions. And that calls for bigger ROI on lesser investment plans. That will help your business to gain productivity and profits. And with proper use of influencer marketing, you can get hold of that extra ROI, just as you have asked for. Some of the recent newsfeeds have even indicated proper use of influencer marketing for maintaining market growth.

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Positive Impact Of Mobile Marketing For Business Growth

  • Ashwin Pillay, Activation & Direct Marketing Manager,  Lead Universe

  • May 16, 2017

Mobile marketing is not considered to be style statement these days, but is a necessity. Since the growth of smartphones, small devices have become an inseparable part of your lives. And the same tool can be used for proficient growth of your business to a new extent. Smartphone is always the first thing, which comes handy in this sector. And this might be the sole reason behind growing importance of mobile marketing, currently. Well, this method is not in craze right now, but it has a long history to it. Right now, this growth is unstoppable.

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